How Can Men Reject the Harmful Norms of the U.S. Masculine Ideal by Acting “Mean”? The Answer May Surprise you.

The Project:
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Abstract: Hegemonic masculinity is the dominant and ideal masculinity within a gender hierarchy.  In the U.S., hegemonic masculinity is white, Christian, heterosexual, and upper-class. This Hegemonic masculinity is characterized by aggressiveness, lack of emotion, denigration of others, and wealthy and powerful status.

Hegemonic masculinity not only affects how one treats a certain gender or racial group, but it also affects how one treats oneself. I argue that hegemonic masculinity causes self-inflicted harm. This gives men personal reasons to resist. Because hegemonic masculinity is not one person or institution but an ideal and norm, effective resistance will come through resisting the norm, an act I refer to as queering. As opposed to suggesting that men should queer by “acting like a woman”, I believe it is important to find a mode of resistance not grounded in essentialism.

Therefore, I argue that men queer through a cultivation of human virtues; they should “act mean”, in Aristotle’s sense. For Aristotle, virtuous living is the mean between two extremes: excess and deficiency. For example, servility is a deficiency, cantankerousness is an excess, but friendliness is the mean, the virtue we ought to strive for. I will argue that human virtue or the doctrine of the mean is opposed to hegemonic masculinity. Not only is it possible for men to queer through a cultivation of human virtues, but the rhetoric of “cultivation of virtues” doesn’t slur the feminine. While queering through a cultivation of virtues might sound like a politics of respectability, it turns respectability on its head by debunking stereotypes and resisting hegemonic masculine norms.

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