I join the Examining Ethics Podcast to talk about the ethics of convincing victims to forgive. I claim that when people try to persuade victims to forgive, using moral exemplars alone to convince them is wrong. The episode is based on “Forgiveness, Exemplars, and the Oppressed.





I join the Labels of Love Podcast w/ Carrie Jenkins  to talk about love’s place in politics, love’s relationship to anger, and whether love is truly “all we need.”


I join Mark, Seth, and Dylan of the Partially Examined Life to reflect on how hooks’s prescriptions address today’s social problems and how they relate to philosophical views of human nature and freedom. In Part 2, ee talk about black feminist “essentialism” (i.e., a single narrative of oppression) and how that relates to bell hooks’s project of media critique.














Part 1

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Behind Bars: A Conversation on life behind prison
Organized by New America NYC

A conversation I participated in on life in prison through the lens of the individual with a former inmate, journalists who’ve followed the lives of convicted felons, and those who have forged lasting friendships with men and women living behind bars.