When I’m Not Doing Philosophy:
I Play Guitar (Watch Below)

* Creating With Friends
* At thirty
* Some Sam Cooke
* Feet Poem
* Obama Love 

When I Need A Time Out from Philosophy:

I make raw vegan cuisine. Check out me being a raw chef on my instagram @rawfoodist
I Garden
I Watch Lebron James be awesome
I Maintain an Active Lifestyle
I Read Comic Books. My Favorite is Chew.
I Collect Urban Vinyl Art.

When I Took a Long Break From Philosophy:
I Wrote and Produced an Album & Wrote A Book

Listen to Album on Spotify or Purchase from ITunes

Purchase “LOVE SICK” book on Nook, Kindle, or Ipad





When I Retire from Philosophy:

I hope to Still Impact and Change the World
Move to a tropical place
Own Acres of Fertile Land to Read On and Grow Food
Live Until I’m over 100 years with long 10 feet Locs