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Why Love is Not All We Need for Justice (View Paper)

Presented at APA Central (Spring 2015)





12115306_e839b0a22aMoral Anger, Motivation, and Productivity (View Paper)

Presented at New Jersey Regional Philosophical Association Conference, Bergen Community College (Nov. 2012)





django-unchained-poster-e1351007344250Man Up, Man Down: Black Masculinity in Django Unchained (View Paper)

Presented at the National Meeting of the American Society for Aesthetics (San Antonio, Texas Nov. 2014)




blackQueering Hegemonic Masculinity through a Cultivation of Human Virtues (View Paper)

Presented at the 2014 meeting of the Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy, Denver, Colorado (March 2014)




religion as a threatA Threat Now and Then: Hume, Moral Psychology, and Religion’s Moral Failings (View Paper)

Presented at the Hume, Religion, and Morality Conference, University of Antwerp, Belgium (May 2015)




explainThe Burden of Explanation (View Paper)

Workshopped at the Philosopher’s Cocoon Conference, University of Tampa (Oct. 2013)





niNicki Minaj and the Permissibility of Bisexuality in Homophobic Hip Hop (View Paper)

Presented at the Gender, Race, and Sexuality Conference at Tulane University (Dec. 2013)