The above video is a PSA of sorts created by my alma mater Howard University. The students are a part of the Students For Justice Organization on campus and here they focus on addressing the erroneous stereotyping of black males in the United States. As one gentlemen shares, he is a graduate of the school of business and school of law and why should a sweater and the color of his skin paint a negative picture of him that is far away from who he really is. For many, that is what happened to Trayvon Martin.

I have been keeping up with the Trayvon Martin Case since it reached national attention weeks ago. (If you have been under a rock click here for details). I think the situation, even without full evidence, is a tragedy. There is no doubt that the police did not follow proper protocol and the 911 tapes by Zimmerman does depict racial profiling. Below are a couple of essays as well as video commentary of the case that has been eliminating and has opened the debate up to the masses about what we seldom want to discuss, race and the law.


Discerning Racism (Philosophers Magazine)

The Curious Case of Trayvon Martin by Charles Blow

Death Without Sanction or Ceremony by Minkah Makalani

You Got a Problem? Well Now You Do by Kai Wright

An Open Letter To Joe Oliver by Akiba Solomon

An Open Letter about Trayvon by Sinead O’Conner

Student Essays on Trayvon Martin by NYTimes (Also provide resources for teachers on how to talk about the case to students)

Young Black Philosophers Respond to Trayvon Martin Case (HuffPost)

Photo Essays

25 Kids That Support Trayvon by Dave Stopera

Million Hoodie March by Dwayne Rodgers

Million Hoodie March by MotherJones

Black Does Not Equal Suspicious by J. Quazi King

Detroit Makes a Statement by Detroit Free Press


Obama Speaks out about Trayvon Martin Case

Zimmerman’s Friend, Joe Oliver, finds himself in an interesting argumentatively exchange with Lawrence O’Donnel and Charles Blow

Trayvon Martin Tribute By Chaka Khan and other Celebrities

Trayvon Martin Hip-Hop Tribute

Representative Bobby Rush Gets Kicked Off the Floor for Wearing A Hoodie

Do I Look Suspicious and Other Essays On The Trayvon Martin Case

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