My research interests are in moral psychology and political philosophy. I study character, emotions, and attitudes and I am also interested in how they intersect with issues of race and gender. Click to read some of my work.


I believe in public philosophy and philosophizing outside of the classroom. Here you will find videos of my televised and web commentary on race, gender and sexuality, ethics, and mass incarceration. I also have classroom podcast lectures.


The UnMute podcast is a monthly podcast hosted and produced by Myisha Cherry. We talk to young, brilliant, and diverse philosophers as they give their take on controversial issues, pop culture, and the political & ethical dramas of our time.


I love philosophy. I feel alive when I read it, write about it, and discuss it with others. I think it is a privilege to be able to think about the fundamental questions we humans all have and to engage in these questions with EVERYONE.

Life Behind Bars' Panel
Rutgers' Summer Institute for Diversity in Philosophy